Dead fish remain a mystery

BULLOCH CO., GA (WTOC) - Dead fish lay in the trickling water that is an Ogeechee River side stream.

WTOC has been following this story since it started over the weekend.

Screven County Emergency Management Director Harvey Cryder checked on the water again Monday after alerting the counties downstream to the problem. He says state and federal environmental agents started Sunday testing to find what happened.

"Hopefully, we get some results back Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. We're hoping for sooner," Cryder said.

He said that Monday those teams visited nearby King Finishing, a factory that discharges into the Ogeechee River and is closest to the point where the problems start. Bulloch, Effingham, and other counties downstream have closed their public boat landings and issued a warning for those who've been there.

"I wouldn't eat any fish I'd caught in the river over the past five days," said Ted Wynn, Bulloch County's Public Safety director.

Bulloch County put up road blocks at their seven public landings on Sunday, but not before lots of people fished or swam at them over the weekend. Officials said that people have been felling sick, should see a doctor to get checked out.

Neither man could say whether or not King was the source of whatever killed the fish. But both hope whatever it is can be found and stopped and the waters made safe again.

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