Meeting looks at social media's role during disasters

Could social media help save a life?

That's one of the topics that was discussed at Tuesday's hurricane conference in Savannah.

At the conference, in which WTOC's John Wetherbee was one of the guest speakers, the year 1992 came up. That year, there were only six named storms, one of which was Hurricane Andrew.

There were also many other workshops at the convention, including one dealing with campaigns to engage the public, faith-based disaster resources, and even one dealing with social media and the vital role it plays during a disaster.

There's also YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. It's on those sites where if something happens, those people affected will be able to get instant, up-to-the-minute updates.

Emergency crews are now turning to social networking websites in times of troubles.

Although phone lines may be out, the cellular phone system is usually back up and running almost instantly, allowing people to access their various social media accounts and text family and friends.

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