New Allegations Against Buckner

Bobby Buckner
Bobby Buckner

He's been serving time, but Savannah police still have not charged Bobby Buckner with the disappearance or murder of 12-year-old Ashleigh Moore. Buckner has been in jail since her murder on probation violation charges. While there are no charges in connection with the murder, the district attorney's office is a petition against Buckner, claiming he committed several crimes against young girls while on probation for child molestation.

According to the petition, the crimes include child molestation, statutory rape and trying to lure a total of four girls under the ages of 16 for indecent purposes. The petition goes on to say Buckner gave one of the girls alcohol and marijuana and that Buckner lied to his probation officer about the offenses.

Ashleigh Moore's name also appears on the petition. It says that on the morning of April 18, Buckner had been in the presence of Ashleigh and another young girl without an adult being present, a direct violation of his probation.

As to whether or not these allegations will turn in to charges against Buckner, the DA's office is not saying. All they will say is that Bobby Buckner's case is still under investigation.

Bobby Buckner's probation revocation hearing has been postponed several times, but is now slated to take place January 4. He'll remain in the Chatham County jail until then and we'll let you know what happens.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia,