Candidate Profile--Dr. Frank Rossiter

Dr. Frank Rossiter
Dr. Frank Rossiter

In just four weeks, voters will decide who will be the next mayor of Savannah. WTOC is committed to keeping you informed on who's running and what they stand for. We continue our weekly series profiling each candidate, in randomly selected order, with Frank Rossiter, a retired doctor who believes he has the cure for some of the city's problems.

Dr. Rossiter is a native Savannahian with a long history of community service. "My vision for the City of Savannah is that the City of Savannah be the best place to do business and the worst place to commit crime," he said.

Rossiter's passion for Savannah and commitment to community service began as a child. His father, Frank P. Rossiter, Sr., served as a city alderman and mayor pro-tem. "My father would be pleased that I'm doing this today," Rossiter said, "but I'm motivated to do this because I want to see the children of Savannah have a future, and without different leadership, without a different approach to the direction we're going, our children will continue to have a dismal existence."

Dr. Rossiter believes the best prescription to cure, or at least reduce, crime is improving our education system. "We have got to build the education base in these children, to give them an economic future, because without education, they cannot break out of poverty. They cannot break out of the criminal element."

Rossiter has a long list of professional and personal achievements, including staff privileges at three Savannah hospitals and 29 years of military service. Now he wants to be mayor of Savannah.

The election is November 4.

Reported by: Ron Wallace,