Editorial feedback - 5/23/11

I was born in Savannah and raised by the most loving parents who would be proud of me for telling you that my husband and I support your statement today 100% AND MORE  Thank you and God Bless

Phyllis King
Statesboro, Ga.

In your 5-23-11 you mention that the individual states have to protect themselves.
It is typical of the feds to simply talk. No action, no help,simple gestures which amount to nothing, almost as if they want us to fail. People who ignore the Constitution and use it when it is to their ( election) benefit.

Where are the true American patriots, the non-leeching, always working for liberty, human rights,pledging their life, liberty and fortune and for  justice and righteousness ? You mean ALL politicians are only out for their own benefits ?

Well, then good night America. Now we will have to endure more lying commercials about grandmothers being thrown from the cliff, among more of those lies in the coming months. The amazing thing is that people believe that. What are schools teaching today ?

Any lie will do to get re-elected. They tell us they we should pump more oil and then pass laws prohibiting this. Why do we, the taxpayers have to give  $ 25 billions to the oil companies, why is that not on the table for discussion ? Why spend many more billions in Europe and some Muslim countries.

We are borrowing money to give to others. Stupidity in the first degree, unless, yes, unless it is done to destroy this country. You decide.

You see, America is too strong to be defeated from the outside, so it is done from within.Choose this day whom you will serve. Good or bad. God or man.

Juergen Sievers
Midway, Ga.