Stevens Murder Anniversary

One year has past, and a Savannah family continues to look for clues in their loved one's murder. The morning of October 10, 2002, Randy Stevens was shot down in his driveway on Duval Street while on his way to work. Randy's family says police plan on releasing the make and model of a suspicious car seen driving away from Randy's house that morning. It's about the only tip the family has received in over a year, and they hope it's a tip that will finally bring them closure.

The longtime city employee was shot down in his driveway while on his way to work. Those who knew him were baffled. "He worked for the city for 22 years, lived at 1923 Duval Street for 20 years, never bothered anyone," said Bobby Stevens, Randy's brother.

Back then, they wanted to know why and who could do such a thing, and a year later they're still looking for answers. "We do feel in our hearts that someone saw something that morning," said Bobby.

Police say a few days after the shooting, Randy's case turned cold. But that hasn't stopped his family. Each month, the family shells out more than $400 to pay for billboards around Savannah which show pictures of Randy Stevens' face. The family hopes the billboards will remind people that a good man was killed that October morning and a murderer is still on the loose.

"Its been 12 months and it's still just like a dream," said Bobby. "It's something you have to come to reality with, that he is gone, but closure will not come until we find out what happened."

Even if nothing surfaces this year, the family says they'll do it again next year and every year thereafter until the mystery is solved. Tonight, Randy's family will be holding a candlelight vigil in the 1900 block of Duval Street where family and friends will gather at 6:30pm.

On top of CrimeStopper's initial reward of $2,500, an additional $3,500 has been donated to Randy Stevens' case. If you know who killed Randy Stevens, call CrimeStoppers at 234-2020.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia,