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Testimony Continues in Roberts Trial

The murder trial of Tyree Roberts continues. Roberts is charged with killing Beaufort County sheriff's deputies LCpl. Dana Tate and Cpl. AJ Coursen in January of 2002. Today, at the Beaufort County Courthouse, Roberts, who's representing himself, questioned many of the officers who were on the scene that day, trying to prove his innocence.

Roberts, also known as Abdiyyah ben Alkebulanyahh, is trying to discredit the officers who investigated the crime scene. In fact, in a number of instances, Roberts has implied that officers planted evidence at the crime scene to frame him for the murders.

Many of the witnesses spoke about their parts in the investigation and verified a number of important pieces of evidence that link Roberts to the murders. Capt. Roger Clark testified that he was present when Roberts was taken into custody, and said Roberts was wearing a fanny pack containing a number of items, including rounds of ammunition.

Another officer testified that the gun the prosecution has presented as the murder weapon is the same gun found in the marsh behind Broad River Elementary School.

Tomorrow, the prosecution is expected to put more witnesses on the stand.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey, jdailey@wtoc.com

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