Community Spirit--Junior League of Savannah

Junior League president Patti Lyons.
Junior League president Patti Lyons.

The Junior League of Savannah's mega thrift sale has become a tradition many look forward to year after year. They're an awesome group of ladies, and their hard work is really paying off in a big way. Not only in savings for bargain hunters, but their efforts are changing lives.

As the president of the Junior League, Patti Lyons spends a lot of time helping others. "We are women who believe in promoting volunteerism, developing other women and improving our community through our actions," she said.

Their actions include giving bike helmets to kids, sponsoring CPR training classes, renovating homes for disadvantaged children and the elderly, and a whole lot more.

"We have 1,300 members with the only desire to improve our community," Lyons said. "The way we do that is by giving of ourselves and our money."

You've probably heard about their annual thrift sale, cook book sales and musical performances they call "follies." The fundraisers have brought in lots of money and through the years, they've given away hundreds of thousands of dollars to the community, including more than $157,000 to several charities just last week.

"We have a reputation of being people that sit around and drink tea and that's not the case," said Lyons. "It's an organization of women working. Working to make the community better. Being able to raise $157,000 in our economy and give it away, that shows a lot of strength of character."

And the power these determined ladies of the Junior League to make a difference. That's how they capture the WTOC Community Spirit.

Just to let you know how the Junior League's affecting our community, that $157,000 was given to several different kinds of service agencies including programs for children and seniors, some that preserve history and promote education and health.

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