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InSITE--Remembering Our Heroes

The parades are over, the ceremony and fireworks just a memory. But for many military families, there was no welcome home the troops, only a funeral or memorial.  But these days, even memorials are going high- tech and on- line.  Grief is usually such a private thing, but now people are sharing it on the World Wide Web, and it really can be a very positive process for everyone involved.

The site is Fallen Heroes Memorial. It covers both America's current major military operations... Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Iraqi Freedom in Iraq.

You can list the heroes alphabetically by name, starting with Captain James Adamouski, stationed at Savannah's Hunter Army Airfield, or branch of service, or base where they were stationed, such as Hinesville's Fort Stewart, home of the 3rd Infantry Division, and the unit that paid the highest price in the war.

Even if you don't know any of these young men, click on a few names. Chief Warrant Officer Scott Jamar's page is typical. He was based at Hunter Army Airfield, and died when Iraqi forces shot down his Blackhawk helicopter. The memorial page includes a brief section about how he died, but more importantly, sections on how he lived. The first thing you notice is the photographs. Not just a formal shot in uniform, but much more personal. A guy hanging out with his kids, goofing off with his buddies, even an on the job shot as he trained to get out of a helicopter in a hurry. Scroll down a little further and you get to know someone who sacrificed his life for our country as more than just a name and rank and the small type in the obituary column. You hear from their families, their friends, even their ex-wives. Sometimes the men who rode into battle with them, and those who saw the last minutes of their lives as they died on the battlefield.

Once you've read their stories, and heard from their loved ones, click over to the links section, where you can make a difference. There are memorial funds, support pages for families, our troops, and places where you can find more information about our military and the war. Thanks to Staff Sergeant Julie Moretto from the Air Force 15th Air Support Operations Squadron, serving at Hunter, and Baghdad International for the heads up on this site.

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