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Final Prosecution Witnesses in Roberts Trial

DNA expert Grayson Amick examines evidence. DNA expert Grayson Amick examines evidence.

Things are heating up in the courtroom as the trial of Tyree Roberts continues. The prosecution continued its fight to prove Roberts killed LCpl. Dana Tate and Cpl. AJ Coursen at 21 Riley Road on January 8, 2002. To help prove the case, the prosecution called on a forensic DNA expert from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, Grayson Amick.

He ran tests on evidence from the crime scene. Amick testified DNA samples from a number of items, including the rifle found behind Broad River Elementary School, the magazine inside that rifle, a branch covering the murder weapon, and a spot of blood on the door at the murder scene all linked Tyree Roberts to the murders.

After a long hearing, the judge allowed the prosecution to put its last witnesses on the stand, each telling the jury how Roberts confessed to the murders.

"He told us he had nothing to loose, he just killed two cops," testified Capt. William Beatty. of the Beaufort Detention Center.

Sgt John Washington, also from the detention center, added, "He said, 'You keep on playing games, the last two that played games with me are six feet under and you're next.'"

And former detention center officer Kathy Green said "He said, 'I already took people out and you're going to be next.'"

The prosecution has gone through its entire witness list, and Roberts has begun calling his. He's expected to try to demonstrate that someone else is responsible for the murders.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,

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