Kingston Talks About High Cost of Iraq Reconstruction

While many areas in iraq are still considered to be hotbeds, the President says the major fighting is over and the country is trying to rebuild.

With the rebuilding of Iraq heavily underway, US Representatives are saying we're about half way done.  "There's been a lot of reconstruction that's already been done, but when the country can get rid of all the snipers and the dissidents or at least most of them we can call it a days work," said Congressman Jack Kingston.

It's work, representative Jack Kingston says, would better secure the world of terrorism. "If we could re-build Iraq and get a 3rd democracy in the middle east along with Israel and Turkey as allies it would be a huge step for the US but also a big step for world security."

With both the house and senate already passing a bill for 87 billion dollars, 20 billion of which would go for Iraq's reconstruction, the world's security is coming at a high cost for American tax payers.  "It's going to cost 150 billion dollars to re-build Iraq and this is just 20 billion dollars, but what we're trying to do is put down some seed money so that the other countries of the world will step forward and write some checks," said Kingston.

With other nations still refusing to get involved, state representatives are convinced they will move forward to help, until then US troops will stay in Iraq indefinitely.

Representative Kingston says more than 60 billion dollars of the money to rebuild would go for additional protection and new equipment for our troops.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,