Editorial - 6/13/11

At the recent G-8 meeting, forgetting that we're sinking in financial quick-sand, and ignoring our Himalayan-size debt, the President joined with others to pledge billions of our freshly-printed, lower-value dollars to bolster democracy in Egypt, money more likely to enrich the Muslim Brotherhood and corruption, than liberty.  Then, followed-up with a pledge of billions more in phantom-funds to shore-up financially-fragile Greece.  While here,  in financially-fragile America, still more reckless spending, as he wants additional billions, we don't have, for a major national job-training venture, the proverbial cart-before-the-horse, since, first, we need jobs to fill!

Next, several of the no-budget, Senate Democrats, want still billions more for a son-of-stimulus infrastructure program, likely compounding the waste and failure of the first one.  To be funded, by the way, not from deep expense cuts, but by, you guessed it, added taxation, and the targeted-elimination of so-called tax-breaks, for one industry alone, the oil producers, no longer needed, now that we're creating electricity and fueling our vehicles with kudzu.  Backing this added tax-confiscation, Senator Rockefeller said (quote):  "There's no other way to get at this problem."  For those not afflicted with cranial-colon-deposit syndrome, of course there is!  Stop the spending; cut federal expenses; reduce personal tax rates; get the Big-Fed regulatory jack-boot off the neck of American business, providing more operational stability and investment confidence.  If  D.C. truly wants private-sector jobs, then knock-off the Fed demolition derby, and let time-tested, free-market solutions re-ignite our economy, as they always have.  Perhaps self-absorbed politicians, who view the nation's well-being as optional, really aren't what our Founders had in mind!