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InSITE--New Money & More!

The U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing did not exactly scream excitement. But I had a mission. Show the highlights of the new twenty- dollar bill.

They did pretty good job. Check it out, starting with the security improvements. Click on a feature, and it'll do the little animation thing to show you the details about security of our new twenties. The little thread that runs along the side, the special inks that change color and the watermarks. There's an odd feature that shows you what the bill looks like if you hold it up to the light, and a neat little zoom feature, giving you a closer look at the bills. Click on the magnifying glass and just run it over the bill, for the details. Click on to the design features and it'll demonstrate how the bills are different from the old twenties, there are some pretty significant changes, just in the way they look, not just for security purposes. Our greenbacks are getting a little colorful here. I don't know if we'll ever call them "peach backs" though. If you're really lazy, too lazy to click, there's an automated "tour" of the twenty that shows your way around the bill.

Now, I haven't seen one in person yet, but they are out there. The Bureau's taken a cue from the money tracking "Where's George?" web site, with a way to track new twenties. If you have one, put in your zip code and let everyone know. If you don't have one, put in the zip code anyway and see how many have turned up with "Tally my area." Downtown Savannah had 23 spotted the day I checked.

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