Candidate Profile--Dicky Mopper

Dicky Mopper
Dicky Mopper

In 14 days, Savannahians will elect their new mayor. For the past four weeks, WTOC has been profiling each mayoral candidate, in randomly selected order, to help you make an informed decision. This week we spoke with Dicky Mopper, who says he feels his success as a businessman will translate into success for Savannah.

"I've lived in Savannah all my life," he said. "Was educated at Charles Ellis Elementary, Richard Arnold, Savannah High and Armstrong, so literally I have been here my entire life."

He's a longtime Savannahian who for the first time is trying his hand at politics. But Dicky Mopper is no stranger to serving the public. For years he's dedicated his time to organizations like the American Diabetes Association. "My involvement is actually what got me to the point where I want to run for mayor," he said.

Twenty-five years ago, Mopper opened his real estate business in downtown Savannah. He says the knowledge he has gained running a successful business will also make him a successful mayor. "We need a leader who understands growth and development and has ability to sell this city and community to businesses and corporations around the world and bring them to our city," he said.

When it comes to crime, Mopper's come up with something he calls his "ten-point plan." "We all realize we need to see more officers on the street," he said. "I think it's important that we have fewer sworn officers in the police station doing administrative work and more officers on the streets."

Crime, better economic opportunities and better education for Savannah children are all things Dicky Mopper says he would like to change if given the opportunity to be mayor.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia,