Editorial Salute - 6/16/11

Two historic, patriotic events were celebrated this week, both occurring on Tuesday the 14th.  First, the 236th anniversary of the founding of the United States Army, which began June 14, 1775, when the Continental Congress established the infantry with six-companies of expert riflemen, to be commanded and expanded by General George Washington.  From the Revolutionary War to the present, America's Army has always stood-strong in the face of tyranny and evil.  And shoulder-to-shoulder with our Navy, Marine, Air Force and Coast Guard, the Army has remained, to this day, and will beyond, steadfast in defense of America.  Appropriate for the Army's birthday, on Monday, two Special Forces NCO's were awarded the Silver Star for personal valor in separate actions against radical terrorism.  On this anniversary, our thanks to all active-duty, guard, and reserve Army personnel, along with our treasured veterans and retirees, who've sacrificed much, in order to serve and protect our great nation.

And on June the 14th, we observed Flag Day, as well.  A time to visibly-renew our allegiance to America, though our glorious banner of red, white and blue.  The most beautiful and meaningful flag on earth, revered by those who stand with us; feared by those who don't.   The American flag represents not only this truly exceptional nation, the finest, strongest, and most giving on the planet, but it stands, as well, as a symbol of freedom attained,  or of freedom desired, by those still in search of liberty.  For these reasons, and countless others, feel blessed every day, for the incredible privilege it truly is, to be citizens of this magnificent land.