Death Sentence for Tyree Roberts

The jury deliberated under an hour before sentencing 41-year-old Tyree Roberts to death. On Monday, Roberts was convicted of killing Cpl. AJ Coursen and LCpl. Dana Tate of the Beaufort County Sheriff's Department in January, 2002. Now the jury says he should die by lethal injection, which many of the victims' friends and family were relieved to hear.

"He's not suitable for prison or the outside," said a tearful DJ Coursen, Cpl. Coursen's widow. "He's just a very evil, evil person. There's just no other place for him to be."

"I've been here almost two years now, just living for court dates. So that's going to help me get my life back on track."

"I can speak for myself and the sheriff's office, we got the verdict we wanted," said Sheriff PJ Tanner. "Tyree Alfonzo Roberts is being held accountable for his actions."

Just moments before being taken into custody, Roberts addressed the victims' families, saying he regretted the officers lost their lives in his home. It was an apology the victims' families didn't accept.

Roberts' execution is scheduled for December 22 of this year. We did speak with a member of his defense team about whether Roberts would be appealing, and he said he could not answer us.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,