Editorial - 6/20/11

As the Administration Express, the All-Talk/No-Action , Little Engine That Can't, continues to belch smoke and spin wheels, creating a racket, but no forward-motion, time again to award "boos" to those perched on reality's side-lines, and a "bravo" to those who actually "get it."  Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, Representative Debbie Schultz, merits a hearty "boo" for asserting that Republicans actually think, here it comes, that being here illegally (quote) "should be a crime."  Brace yourself, Mrs. S, as the term implies, being here illegally is a crime.  If you snuck under the circus tent to get in, rather than getting a ticket at the entrance, you're an illegal, and that's a crime.  Period.  Next, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office reports that the actual tax-payer cost of covering the Fannie and Freddie mortgage debacle was $187-billion, 59% higher than the total cost of the melt-down claimed by the Administration, further eroding credibility at the Nation's House and earning a boo. Then there's the Fed's  new guide to government-approved eating.  The old food-pyramid deemed too confusing for some, D.C. earns a "boo" for spending $2-million to develop and promote this vague, new "food-plate" scheme, a current non-priority, except for those hoping for more government control of our lives.

Meriting a huge "bravo," the Supreme Court has upheld the part of Arizona's new immigration law requiring businesses to verify the status of its employees, a key decision bolstering other states forced to step- in because the Feds won't.  And a "boo" became a "bravo" when a U.S.Circuit Court reversed a lower court, making it OK for a Texas honor student to offer a prayer at her high school graduation ceremony.  A prayer from the podium does not "establish" a religion.  So, to those First Amendment exaggerators, now, no-doubt indignant, for once, kindly put a sock in it!