Storm cleanup continues; power's back

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Residents on Wilmington Island are still cleaning up after a storm roared through Monday night.

It knocked out power to more than 10,000 customers in the Savannah area.

Many spent the weekend without power. One neighborhood off Delesseps didn't get power  restored until later Saturday afternoon.

Power is back on in this neighborhood but they were without it since Saturday night making it for a long weekend for a lot of people.

Anthony Lonon didn't really want to spend his Father's Day weekend out in the heat, but he had no choice.

In fact, he spent the majority of his weekend outside because he says it was cooler outside then in his house.

Lonon is one of the thousands who spent the weekend without power after Saturday night's storm blew through.

"It's frustrating but what can you do," said Lonon.

Lonon said tree limbs knocked out power to several homes in his neighborhood.

"A couple of trucks a couple of men could have this fixed in a couple of hours,"said Lonon.

Lonon says he can understand it taking one day, but waiting until Monday in heat made it difficult.

He has a generator to keep his freezer cold, it's not enough to power his house.

"It's costing me money. I mean, the way gas is now you go to buy gas for the generator, so it's just ridiculous," said Lonon.

"You pay your money on time and paying your bills. I understand there's a lot of people, but this is a short fix,"said Lonon.

When crews did show up Lonon was happy, but he wants to know why it took so long and is hoping someone will be able to answer why.

Georgia Power said a majority of their customers are back on. They had to call in extra crews to help work on the powerlines.

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