InSITE--Daylight Savings Time

Are you ready? The big change is just days away, and love it or hate it, you'll have to live with it the next six months. The time change. We "fall back" our clocks when we go to bed Saturday (October 25th) night. But why? I found the reasons on a site all about Daylight Savings Time .

Since they're so warm and fuzzy, remember they're talking about Daylight Savings Time, the current time, where they days seem longer, since we have more sunlight in the hours most of us are out and about. They explain it all for the next few pages, with facts and figures about why we like the time just the way it is. Including a cool graphic to demonstrate the difference in daylight around the globe.

Then click on to Standard Time, when we give up all that nice extra daylight and set our clocks -back, this weekend. That's the law. Really. The next page explains how lawmakers really did find a way to move the heavens, or at least the times we attach to heavenly bodies, like the sun, to get more daylight.

They'll even explain the times we didn't do Daylight Savings Time on time, to try to save energy. Some places, like Indiana, decided to just quit messing with it altogether. Not everyone does Daylight Savings Time around the world, either. There's a list of nations, and reasons if you keep clicking.

If you think clocks and calendars are really cool, click on over to "A Walk Through Time" for all kinds of neat facts about how we keep track of time.

Before it's too late, let's synchronize our watches thanks to a bare bones page from the Navy that's got nothing but time, thanks to the Naval Observatory's always accurate clock.