Editorial feedback - 06/13/11

Thank you for your 6-13-11 editorial

As usual, right on. You can see where all this leads. We are now involved in four wars. Did I miss something, somewhere ? Did anybody attack us while I was sleeping at night. NO, of course not. ALL this is being done, as I mentioned so often, to humiliate and destroy this nation, from the inside. Right from inside the oval office.
Well, he was right: Fundamentally changing this country.Words can say anything. Actions speak volumes. This president and his administration is just merrily going along and destroying the Republic. From marriage to jobs to housing to foreign policy, all things of American exceptionalism are being destroyed by this administration. The American taxpayer is funding it's own destruction, let it be in Egypt, Lybia or wherever .Now I understand why they dumbed down these people for such a long time, having been brainwashed all along. On my way from California last year I saw a couple of huge unoccupied prisons. I was always wondering what that was for. Now I know. For "those" who do not want to "play along" in the new world order. Get ready.The Gestapo is on it's way.
Is there a way to stop this, oh well, at least postpone it ?
YES, and you know what you have to do.

Juergen Sievers
Midway, Ga.