Old Savannah City Mission executive director resigns

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Rev. Jim Lewis, the executive director of the Old Savannah City Mission, announced he's resigning from his position.

His last day will be Aug. 19, which the resignation letter states is 60 days from June 19. The letter is dated June 20.

[Read Rev. Jim Lewis's resignation letter PDF]

In the letter, Lewis said the board isn't interested in the organization's financial well-being. "My saddest experience has been with the Board. I do not attribute evil or malice to those who serve as Board members; however, the Board does not provide strong cover or demonstrate interest in the financial well-being of the Mission. A Board which delights in ministry to the poor will actively pursue resources and make strong healthy connections for the marginalized of our community and for us who serve them," Lewis said in his resignation letter.

Lewis expressed in his letter that that he and his wife have struggled with health issues related to the stress put on them as a result of their devotion to the mission.

"We are emotionally in tatters with the Mission's financial situation.  It haunts me day and night.  It is especially painful when members of the Board have many questions; however, they are absent from fund raising events and passive to calls for help," Lewis stated in the letter.

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