Editorial - 6/27/11

The latest four-week average for new unemployment compensation applications hit over 426-thousand per week, with 7.5-million Americans now receiving federal or state benefits. 4 ½-years after ultra-lib control of Congress, and 2 ½-years after ultra-lib Executive control, resulting, only, in massive growth of government, a confiscator of wealth, never a creator,  our nation's blind-folded economy continues to walk a severely-weakened  plank.  Rather than making economic growth and debt reduction its first order of business, the Administration wasted half its time in office expending its political-capital on a failed, pay-for-pals stimulus, and a fundamentally-flawed healthcare take-over, in both cases, pure power and control, not improving the nation.  Now, in desperation, the Feds proclaim job-growth their priority.  You now know well to ignore what's said, and focus solely on what's done.  If you persist in believing their words, time to schedule a brain scan.  Something's blocking your common-sense lobe.    

The EPA is now trying to back-door punitive "cap-and-trade" by imposing harsh new restrictions on power companies, particularly the ones coal-fired. If enacted, such would cost those power companies billions in retro-fit costs, forcing much-higher electricity bills, or even the actual shut-down of older plants, causing significant job loss. A destructive-formula for an already badly-shaken economy.  And, choosing, now, to free-up millions of gallons of strategic-reserve oil, to allegedly reduce pump-prices, rather than  going after more of our abundant domestic resources, creating tens of thousands of new, high-paying jobs in the process.  Clear-thinking Americans can readily see that powerful left-wing forces have an invasive political-agenda, purposefully at odds with what's best for our nation.  Ignore the words, watch the actions.