Fire officials urge caution for July Fourth holiday

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah firefighters are reminding the community of staying safe over the July Fourth holiday.

Georgia law bans the possession and use of fireworks, which are any object that propels itself or a projectile – such as bottle rockets and roman candles - and any item that produces a bang, in the state.

Savannah Fire Chief Charles G. Middleton and city Fire Marshal Craig Landolt discussed fireworks safety Tuesday morning at Savannah Fire and Emergency Services headquarters. They urged residents to follow safety precautions, read a follow all label warnings and instructions before using fireworks and stressed the need for adult supervision of children, according to SFES.

Landolt discourages buying fireworks at neighboring state retailers who have no burden to comply with Georgia laws. The fireworks purchased from these retailers could also be illegal in Georgia.

Middleton reminded residents about the hot, dry weather conditions making it an ideal environment to ignite fires. He emphasized the need to dispose of cigarettes properly and to not discard them from vehicle windows.

SFES issued these fireworks safety tips:

  • Obey state and local laws
  • Read and follow all label warnings & directions
  • Use fireworks outdoors only
  • Use fireworks on smooth, level surfaces and away from buildings & flammable
  • materials
  • Use fireworks only as intended. Never combine or alter fireworks
  • Never try to re-light fireworks that malfunction ("duds")
  • Always have a water supply nearby (hose or bucket)
  • Spectators should maintain a safe distance from fireworks
  • Never use homemade fireworks.  Report illegal explosives
  • Adult supervision of children is essential, even with sparklers
  • Forego backyard celebrations and enjoy professionally staged fireworks displays

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