Campaign 2003: The Savannah Mayoral Debate

Savannah's mayoral election is just a week away, and the candidates are on the campaign trail looking for your vote. The six candidates met for a debate in the WTOC studios yesterday evening, and here's a preview of what you can expect.

"There are some fence sitters out there who don't know if they want experience or if they want a fresh face," said Savannah Morning New editorial page editor Tom Barton, who attended the forum.

"When you're being fired away at, so to speak, and given questions spur of the moment, you see something there, whether or not there's substance," said Mildred Reynolds of the Chatham Association of Educators, which cosponsored the event with WTOC.

Sonny Dixon moderated the debate as Dawn Baker, Tom Barton and Mildred Reynolds served as the panelists, asking questions. Viewers' questions we had taped earlier were also included. Things got interesting in the final round, as each candidate got to pick a question for an opponent.

But on November 4, the ultimate question is up to voters. As Barton put it, "Are you going to go with somebody with fresh ideas, new approaches to old problems, or is the city going to stick with some familiar names, and perhaps some ideas that might be considered tried and true?"

You can see the debate in its entirety as WTOC presents Campaign 2003: The Savannah Mayoral Debate. It airs this Sunday at 5pm.

Reported by: Holly Bristow,