InSITE -- Happy Hauntings!

What are you going to be? Where's the party? The biggest questions of the week with Halloween just around the corner. If you haven't picked your costume or finished your party plans, don't be afraid. I found some safe, family friendly Halloween sites.

First stop, Halloween Online. A collection of pages that can keep you clicking for quite some time.

They have a Halloween Online Magazine with tons of stuff, including sales pitches for costumes and decorations. The really do have some informative articles, admittedly some things i never thought of. Like savings plans for Halloween. If you're saving all year for Halloween, you might want to find someone to talk to.

Much more practical, Halloween consideration for your pets. Keeping them safe with little ghosts and goblins around is something you need to think about, along with making sure they don't get into your kids treats, which can be dangerous tricks for them. I will warn you, almost every "article" about costumes offers good ideas, but using stuff you have to buy from their advertisers.

For better free stuff, go to their pumpkin carving section and pick a topic, like pumpkin carving history, or actual how-to, from the very basic, to some pretty cool advanced techniques.

If you're throwing a party, there's a recipe collection, plus page after page of little ideas that might brighten up the darkest of holidays.

Holidays net always has lots of suggestions, they're big into Halloween history, and some cross- cultural celebration, plus legends about how we started all this pumpkin carving.

I also found you a site with some free suggestions on making those last minute Halloween costumes, many you can put together from things you already have around the house, or can buy, without having to resort to that Halloween savings plan.