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Home Invasion in Chatham County


Savannah-Chatham police are searching for the men who held a Chatham County woman and her baby daughter at gunpoint. It happened right inside their own home, and police say the mother is terrified and won't go back. What may be worse is that police suspect someone in the woman's own neighborhood may be responsible.

Police say the woman, whose name we are not revealing, was with her one-month old baby girl at their home on Holiday Circle when four men with guns forced their way in, covered her mouth and her baby's mouth with duct tape, and ransacked their home. Thanks to the watchful eyes of neighbors, police were able to find one of the suspects not very far away. In fact, he lives right down the street. "We converged on that area almost immediately and within 30 minutes they had one of the key principals in this case in custody," said police spokesman Sgt. Mike Wilson.

Police arrested 22-year-old Julian Walter Bond. He's charged with armed robbery and burglary. Wednesday afternoon, we caught up with police as they made another arrest, just a mile away, on Larchmont Drive. They believe this man, 20 year old Eddie Will McBride III, was one of the other three men who broke into the home.

But the victim still has not returned to her home and neighbors, too, are concerned about their safety. "It scares me. It scares me," said resident Darnell Mason. "I'll probably have to watch my back and hope everybody else watches their back."

Both men are in the Chatham County Detention Center. Police expect more arrests will follow. They say although home invasions are not very common, they're a very frightening and terrifying ordeal, especially when children are involved.

Reported by: Liz Flynn, lflynn@wtoc.com

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