Editorial Salute - 7/6/11

It's summer camp time for kids.  Some of our area camps have a very special purpose.  Take for example Camp Codiak.  Codiak is conducted jointly by St. Joseph's-Candler Health System and the Coastal Empire YMCA.  It's a chance each summer for area youngsters with diabetes to enjoy all sorts of games and activities, while at the same time learning more about their illness and how best to deal with it.  Methods that will permit these kids to lead normal daily lives.  In the words of one of the camp's diabetes educators: "Diabetes is just one part of their life.  It doesn't have to be the main part."

Our thanks to the folks at St. Joseph's-Candler, and the YMCA here, for supporting this very worthy summertime experience, and for the team, and peer mentoring that makes Camp Codiak an even more meaningful experience for the young people involved.