InSITE--Parent's Red Ribbon Resources

It's among a parent's biggest and most important challenges, keeping your kids off drugs. But there's also a lot of help out there. Your kids are using the Internet for all sorts of things, especially to learn about the world around them, so why not learn a bit about your kids, and how to help them avoid trouble?

Since it's Red Ribbon Week, a chance to take a stand against drugs, i dug up some resources for you. Starting with the National Family Partnership. They offer a little history on Red Ribbon Week, but what you really want is in the links along the side. Go to "For Parents" and you have a few choices, the quick and easy, a list of things a good parent can do to raise a good kid. I do have one complaint about the site. The text is hard to read against that background. Then click to signs your child might be using drugs. Simple things that at least give you a place to start. And finally a list of things you can do to set a good example for your children.

For a little more detail, try The Antidrug. This is a pretty big, impressive site, that doesn't stop at drug issues.

There are parenting tips on growing problems, like marijuana use and driving, and advice on one of the root causes of a lot of problems growing up, peer pressure. Note the column on the left. It offers suggestions on parenting every step of the way, with every click a new element you can work on. This site has a pretty good grip on reality, and the way kids grow up, even offering suggestions for grandparents, since so many play a big part in raising their grandkids these days. There's even a section for teachers who might want a little extra help, something to go above and beyond what they already do in the classroom.