Editorial feedback - 7/4/11

Right on again in your 7-14-11 editorial, where you say:
Reason again, that whenever D.C.'s lips move,
ignore the words, watch the actions.
It is truly amazing what this administration did, so far.
Shuffle ready. Lie.
We were told there would be balance restored in this world. Lie, just look around the world.
We were told this would be the most transparent administration. Lie.
Everything in Congress would be listed on the internet for five days, lobbyists outlawed, Lie.
Our world would be safer, our families stronger, our future brighter. Lies.
Priority one, remember ? Jobs, jobs, jobs.....Lie.
Remember: he would fundamentally change America. Truth.
Here is this change
Endless deficits (10 times bigger than Bush) as far as the eye can see.
Endless spending, unemployment, destruction of our health care, currency, economy, liberties, industries and the decay of civility.
$ 750. ( oh by the way, this # is ONLY BILLIONS) stimulus which mostly went to their buddies.
And, oh yes, kids and grandkids, this is for you. $ more in debt just in three years.
Wait how much it is in a couple of years when you earn money....No, not as much as your fathers did.

Juergen Sievers
Midway, Ga.