Editorial - 7/11/11

Our anti- business bulldozer, the EPA, make that, the EPPA, "prohibit and punish," plans to impose more harsh rules on coal-burning utilities in 27-states, at a huge compliance cost to the companies.  If enforced, these utilities will have to pass the new expenses along to their customers, helping to fulfill the Administration's pledge that, when they stomped on coal, electricity rates would "skyrocket."  Of interest, one green-group has already filed suit against this EPA proposal, just when you'd assume all were cozy, cripple-industry brothers-in-arms.  Yet, in recent years, it seems several such groups have taken the EPA to court, seeking even greater regulation. The a strange thing happens.  Private settlements are often reached, and, what do you know, the greens filing suit end-up getting federal grant money, sometimes in the millions.  A chummy, ethically-challenged relationship, to co-feed the Big Fed cause: stopping private-sector growth and job-creation. 

And speaking of smothering, rather than stimulating, job growth, 3-years ago, TransCanada Corporation filed an application with the Feds to construct a new pipeline from Western Canada to Gulf Coast refineries, delivering oil from their tar-sands operations.  Thirteen-thousand new American jobs projected during construction alone.  The hold up?  Once again, it's the delusional EPA, and its enviro-zealots, who detest the reality of fossil-fuel.  So, now, instead, China is talking with Canada about partnering on a west-coast pipeline to feed their own huge oil needs. Because of blatant stupidity, we could lose a great source of close-to-home oil, supplied by a true ally.  Executive Branch, the question is this: Whose side are you on, really?