Better Care on Way for Reservists, National Guard

Representative Jack Kingston says there will be some changes in the way National Guard and reservists are housed and how they are cared for. The move comes after troops complained of sparse conditions and medical care at Fort Stewart.

"One of the questions that was asked when they went to the doctor was, are you a reservist or are you active? That question has been thrown out," explained Congressman Kingston. "There's no reason to ask it because a reservist has to be treated just like anybody else in the Army."

Lawmakers say the lack of proper medical care and the lack of adequate housing was the result of improper planning,. Now the military is working fast to remedy the situation. "The latrine situation," added Kingston, "they're building better latrines and more privacy in the barracks, particularly getting those out of the bad barracks who were injured in Iraq or who were injured in training at Fort Stewart."

Fort Stewart will also be bringing in more doctors from other military bases so the wounded guardsmen and reservists will have better access to medical treatment. Some had been waiting for weeks. "They have contracted out more doctors so that the medical waivers can be processed a lot faster," said Kingston.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,