Editorial Salute - 7/14/11

Military honors this past week for a genuine American hero.  United States Army Ranger, Sergeant First-Class Leroy Petry has been awarded the Medal of Honor for his conspicuous gallantry during combat operations.  May 26, 2008, in Afghanistan, he and other Rangers proceeded to clear a building of insurgents.  Once accomplished, they moved to an adjoining courtyard, where an enemy bullet went through both of Petry's legs. Wounded, but never hesitating, still under fire, seeking cover behind a chicken coop, he again resumed the mission.  The exchange of gun-fire continued for several minutes, when, suddenly, an enemy grenade landed amidst the small Ranger group.

Again, without hesitation, Sergeant First-Class Petry picked it up, and as he prepared to toss it away, the grenade went off, peppering him with shrapnel and completely-severing his right-hand, while saving serious injury to, if not the loss of the lives, of his fellow Rangers.  He then applied a tourniquet to his badly wounded arm, and awaited successful conclusion of the fight, until removal for intensive medical care.  Sergeant First-Class Leroy Petry, a truly great American, and worthy recipient of our nation's highest military honor, is now stationed with Headquarters and Headquarters Company of  the 75th Ranger Regiment, at Fort Benning, Georgia.