Editorial - 7/18/11

We continue to hear about suspicious events or outright terror plots, at the hands of jihadist radicals, aimed, domestically, at our military members and commercial aircraft.  But you've likely heard little about the recent episode, aboard a Chicago-to-Frankfurt flight, involving a 21-year old, male, Saudi national.  While taxiing, and again shortly after take-off, the man got up,  entered a lavatory, apparently used a (quote) "electronic device," and refused  to come out, which he eventually did.  However, the second time, he remained in that lavatory, so long, refusing to exit, that crew members were forced to unlock the door, and deal with his verbal abuse.  Then, a third time he got up, verbally-confronted a female flight attendant in a threatening manner, and reportedly shoved her against an interior wall.  At that point, several passengers dropped him to the floor, bound his hands and feet, and taped his mouth to stop his incessant spitting.  The flight was then diverted to Cleveland, were he was placed under felony-arrest by the FBI.  When that lavatory was examined, the mirror had been moved and wires were dangling from the ceiling, making a trial-run likely.

So, when are we going to stop putting up with this and get over our PC brain-cramp?  When do we stop worrying about the rights of radical Muslims, domestic or foreign, and start putting the safety if true Americans first?  Self-glorifying jihadist-thugs fulfill their destiny, by their continuing efforts to destroy us and our way of life, because they detest both.  Thus our senseless pandering renders us both soft and stupid.  As for this Saudi imbecile, let's save the cost of incarceration and endless appeals, revoke his visa, and under guard, fly his pompous-butt out of here.  Not later.  Now!