Project Video Connect Comes to Beaufort

There are still many Marines from Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort serving overseas. Now the Beaufort chapter of the American Red Cross is trying to make it easier for them to communicate with the loved ones they left behind. They've set up video email for family members of active military, for free.

With just a few clicks on the computer, a two-minute video message will be emailed to Cpl. Dwight Broaddus from his family. "I miss him so much and being on deployment is really hard," said his wife, Stacie. "We can't really contact each other when we want because it's so expensive. So this gives us an opportunity to show him how we feel about him."

This is the first time the American Red Cross has offered this free service to military families in the Beaufort area. Through Project Video Connect, they're hoping to help families stay connected during deployments. "We hope they'll feel the support and feel connected, some kind of connection back home and hopefully the end result will be an increase in morale," said Red Cross spokeswoman Julie Dimitrov.

Project Video Connect is also available in three Georgia Red Cross locations. If you have a loved one serving overseas and would like to send them a video email message, you can find a participating Red Cross near you here.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,