Civilian Police, Security Guards Sought at Fort Stewart

Pretty soon you might start seeing some familiar faces guarding the gates at Fort Stewart in Hinesville. They're starting a new pilot program, hiring civilians to protect military installations across the country. There are about 200 positions they want to fill at Fort Stewart, and for the past few weeks, they've been screening quite a lot of candidates.

Civilian police and security guards will provide much needed relief for soldiers who've been on the move quite a while now But getting the job isn't as easy as some might think. We saw people at the Georgia Department of Labor in Hinesville today filling out a 54-page application, having already been through a credit check and a criminal background check.

"Any felonies and bankruptcies will automatically disqualify any candidate," explained Michael Scott of employment firm Elite Staffing.

Once all the testing is done at the Department of Labor, applicants still aren't done. They then have to hop aboard a shuttle and ride all the way to Garden City where they will undergo medical screenings. "They have a drug test, blood workup and a full physical," said Scott.

It's a lot of hassle, but for a job that pays $9.45 an hour and provides full benefits, applicants say it will be worth it in the end. Some are looking forward to the opportunity to serve their country without having to sign their lives away.

"The community can have a better relationship with soldiers, see what the soldiers are going through and get them soldiers off the gates that need to be training for their jobs when they have to go oversees for a deployment," said applicant Kenneth LeDee.

You can apply for one of these jobs by contacting the Georgia Department of Labor in Hinesville at 912.370.2595.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia,