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Richmond Hill girl makes her debut on Toddlers and Tiaras

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From the pageant preparations, like getting a manicure and pedicure, to Haley's performance at a local competition, the T.L.C. film crew with Toddlers and Tiaras captured it all.

"They filmed me getting my hair done, getting my nails done, and scoring a soccer goal on my dad," Haley said, " He had to wear one of my crowns on his head. That was very funny."

"At first, it was very nerve wracking," admitted Haley's mom, Caliese DeSha, "I was very uncomfortable! But within an hour or so of the videographers being right up in our face, and having the mic pack attached to me, I got used to it." she laughed.

Haley's parents, Caliese and Daniel DeSha, were on board with the show from the beginning.

"The cut off age for "Toddlers and Tiaras" is like 9 years old," explained Daniel, "So this is kind of her last chance to add something this large to her portfolio. So we were looking at it as a vested interest for her."

A decision that paid off. The T.L.C. cameras rolled at the Rock Stars, Diva's and Dolls pageant last October, where Haley took home the top prize of Ultimate Grand Supreme.

"It was so emotional for me, because it was my first, big, big win," she said.

But outside of the pageant world, the DeShas say Haley's just a normal nine year old girl from Richmond Hill.

"She does well in school. She has friends. She rides her bike. She's a normal kid," explained Daniel, "We just happen to do pageants and she's excelling in it. And that's something that we'll continue to do, as long as Haley wants to do it."

Caliese agreed, "And if, at any point along the way, she decides she's done with it, then we'll do something else."

"Yeah," said Daniel, " We'll put all the dresses and outfits on E-Bay."

But that isn't likely to happen any time soon. Haley's got plans of her own. "I'm going to do pageants until I win Miss Universe!"

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