Georgia, South Carolina Crack Down on Speeding

If you tend to have a lead foot while driving along Interstate 95, watch out. Georgia and South Carolina law enforcement officials are cracking down on speeders, especially after what's looking to be a record year when it comes to fatalities. Starting this Saturday, you can expect to see lots of blue and red lights along the interstate.

"Last year through October, we only had six people killed in Jasper County. This year, we've had 23 people killed," said Capt. Reggie Gosnell with the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

I-95 has always been a dangerous highway, but this year in particular, the stretch between mile marker eight and mile marker 13 is proving to be quite deadly. That's why officials are teaming up, starting a zero tolerance policy for speeders to prevent deadly accidents. "On the 33 miles in Jasper County, you will see a high presence during this initiative," Capt. Gosnell promised.

During the upcoming holiday season, while travelers flood the interstates, officers in Georgia all the way to South Carolina will also be hitting the roads. Capt. JJ Durrence of the Georgia State Patrol told us, "If they could see us first putting effort in and patrolling, maybe that would be a deterrent to get them slowed down before they got here."

Officials hope their presence will slow people down and in turn stop people from dying.

The top causes of fatalities on the highways are:

1. Speeding.

2. Improper lane changes.

3. Vehicle defects (brakes, turn signals).

4. Driving under the influence.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia,