Editorial - 7/25/11

In the 1300's, the bubonic plague spread from China to Europe, killing millions.  Now, in the 2000's, another plague, just as deadly, this time in America.  Fully infecting Washington first, this one leaves victims incapable of rational thought, truth, or common sense.  Its Latin name is "Political Correctus Bravo Sierrus," more commonly, PC-BS.  And it'll destroy our nation, if bankruptcy, Marxism, or radical Islam don't do it first.

The latest Fed PC-BS comes from, of all things, Homeland Security, whose current call-to-action campaign, "See Something, Say Something," is a laudable step in theory, but its video carries a load of PC-BS in practice.  In it, male characters are portrayed in examples of suspicious acts. There's just one problem.  All of the terror suspects involved are White, Black, or Asian,  but mostly White, reinforcing the left-wing fantasy that it's Tea Party folks and, the worst slander of all, returning combat vets, who are our biggest domestic threat.  Missing completely from the cast of terror suspects: any evidence of young, male, radical Islamics, who, to-date, are clearly the most involved.  Heaven forbid we should profile. Heaven forbid we should offend.  Heaven forbid we should tell the truth when it's our very security and future that's at stake.

But then, maybe we should just ignore reality, and adopt D.C.'s PC-BS pandering, by accepting the "see-no-evil" notion that these on-going acts or attempts at domestic terror may actually be caused by a different group entirely: the brutal Swiss.  Middle-aged men wearing leather shorts who yodel, as they sell us cough drops and hot chocolate mix.   Behold the true terror threat.  So, as Homeland Security would warn us, if you must buy Swiss cheese, use extreme caution.  Smell Something, Say Something.