InSITE--Weekend Lunacy You Can See!

There's a show in the sky this weekend, and you can have front row seats. Best of all it's free. There's a lunar eclipse Saturday and it'll be easy to watch. Start with our web site. Pat Prokop has the basic info you need to get a good look.

If you'd like more detail about eclipses, check out Mister Eclipse. It's a science page, but not scary. Clear info on the phenomenon, and some very cool pictures, including an animated image of what we might see. The Naval Observatory has a neat feature. Put in the place you live, and a quick click calculates the exact time and place we'll see the moon and shadow show.

I also found a cool site for kids full of astronomy information, and a whole page on lunar eclipses in terms kids can understand. But it's good for us grownups as well, with another cool view of what can happen as the light changes the moon red for the event.