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Savannah Teacher Beaten by Students

They're still in shock at Savannah's Windsor Forest High after someone beat up a teacher in his classroom, in front of the students. What started as a quiet Thursday morning came to a bloody ending. "Almost immediately into first period, I got word from an assistant principal calling police that there was a serious incident," Principal Linda Herman said. "One of the students who's a suspect was a member of the class. His step-brother came into the class without permission, with no ID and no pass, and asked to speak with his his brother in the hall."

As Principal Herman was told by the 25 kids in the class, the teacher said no and told the visiting student to go get his school ID and a hall pass, then went about his business, thinking the boy left. "He stood up, and all of a sudden the student hit him in the face, knocking him to the floor," said Herman.

And that was just the beginning. "The step-brother, who was in the class, jumped up and started hitting the teacher on the floor and kicking the teacher," said Herman.

A female student was slammed into the door by one of the boys as she ran to get help. Then the two boys took off running. They got caught a few blocks away by campus police, and are now at the juvenile detention center. "Charges they're facing include aggravated assault, battery, disrupting public school," said Chief Ulysses Bryant of the Campus Police Department. "There may be more charges to come."

But both the principal and school board rep Lori Brady say boys responsible for the beating won't be back at school. "This will not be tolerated in any public school in Chatham County, at all," Brady said.

"We're filing for permanent expulsion," said Herman.

The principal also told us that she had a young man in her office at the time of the incident, writing up a report that he believed he was going to be beaten up. As the two suspects were led away in handcuffs, the young man identified them as the people who were supposed to beat him up. The principal says she does not believe it was a coincidence.

The teacher who was beaten is expected to return to work. He has some injuries to his face, but none that seem to be serious.

Reported by: Holly Bristow,

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