Students Face Charges in Teacher Beatings

There was extra security today at Windsor Forest High School after things turned violent yesterday. Two teenage boys attacked and beat up a teacher in front of his students. Now everyone at the school is just trying to get back to normal. We spoke with the principal, Linda Herman, and she told us even though she does run into some troubled students from time to time, she's never seen this type of violence at the school.

"This is my 11th year at Windsor Forest, and we've never had anything like this happen, but it could happen tomorrow," Herman said.

Security in the halls has been beefed up. But the teacher wasn't the only one who faced violence yesterday. A student who ran to get help became victim number two. "The little girl who got pushed against the wall, we've had to talk with her this morning and yesterday and her parents let her go home," said Herman. "She actually had to get it checked at the hospital for her arm."

Despite the horrifying event that took place, both the teacher and the student are okay and back at school. While other teachers did express some concern, they're not worried about it happening again. "The teachers have not expressed to me that they're fearful," said Herman. "They know this was an isolated incident and it couldn't have been avoided."

A ten-day suspension for these two students is the maximum punishment the school can give. So they're requesting these two students be expelled from the entire school system permanently, which would also include alternative schools.

"You must be provided for through a private school if one will take you, or home schooling, or some other type of alternative education, but it will not be taxpayer funded at all," said Herman. "Permanently expelled is the worst penalty they can get."

The two students are being held at the Chatham County Youth Detention Center where they are waiting to be arraigned. They're facing a number charges, including aggravated assault, battery, and fighting with police.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,