"Boot Camp" for Soon-to-Be Dads

When you think of boot camp, images of drill sergeants and new recruits come to mind. But Memorial Health is taking the idea to a whole new level, with a boot camp designed to give fathers training for life. It teaches soon-to-be dads what to expect. Close to 100 men turned out for the program's kickoff. Experienced fathers who know what the new dads are going through will teach the classes.

"My biggest surprise was that I could do it at all," said the program's Will Powell. "I guess when he was born, my confidence level wasn't very high and a lot of experience has paid off and I'm very comfortable with it."

WTOC's Rick Snow was one of the featured speakers. The classes are called Boot Camp Huddles, and will take place once a month. To register, call 350.9355.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite, ccowperthwaite@wtoc.com