Editorial - 8/1/11

Recent incidents of thus-far-thwarted, domestic terror-plans, aimed at our military, by American radical-Islam-converts, must be taken seriously.  Last month, two thug-converts were arrested after buying machine guns and grenades, thankfully from an informant, intending mass murder at a Seattle military center, full of new recruits, civilian employees and a child day-care center.  Then, last week, opting against membership in the Dead Jihadi Club,  a 26-year-old, U.S. convert, pled guilty, serving life without parole, for the 2009, murder of a young soldier, seated outside an Army recruiting office in Little Rock, as revenge for our military presence overseas.  Also last week, a young, AWOL soldier, a jihadi-convert, was arrested in Texas, possessing weapons and bomb-making materials, allegedly intent on killing soldiers and civilians at a popular restaurant near Fort Hood.  And speaking of Fort Hood, that Army officer, charged with gunning-down 13 and wounded 30, will face the death penalty in a military court, while, to insure "fairness," he continues to draw his military pay. What he should face is a blind-folded  firing-squad to insure a lingering-demise, so those families receive at least some justice for the endless-pain he inflicted.

Why should we continue to care about, let alone pay for, those working to destroy us?  American-born radicals, intent on murder, should be stripped of  their citizenship, and sent to Russia, where, short on tolerance and PC-BS, a far more efficient disposal system is in use.  The vast majority of American Muslims do respect our laws, and work hard to achieve the American dream, just like the rest of us.  But with the continuation of domestic jihadist threats,  it's high-time we discarded our PC-powder-puffs, and let unapologetic, nation-preserving, heightened-security profiling begin.