Students Accused of Beating Teacher in Court

Cameron Turner
Cameron Turner

The two Windsor Forest High School students accused of beating up a teacher made their first court appearance today. The teacher, Cameron Turner, was shocked and very disturbed. He even had to leave the courtroom as one of the young men went into detail about the incident. Turner said listening to one of the young men who beat him testify about how he punched him and kicked him repeatedly was disturbing.

What may be more disturbing is that Turner still doesn't know why the attack happened. "I definitely want to know why, and whenever the trial is, I'll find out," he said.

Turner says last Thursday, one of the students walked into the classroom looking for his cousin. "He didn't have an ID visible, I asked him, 'Where's your ID? If you don't have your ID, you need to get ID,'" Turner recalled.

That's when Turner says the young man started punching him in the face, and his cousin joined in, both kicking him after he fell to the ground. The young man who testified said he had heard Turner was racist and it just got to him all of a sudden, and that's when he started punching.

Campus police say the classroom was screaming and Turner says his students couldn't do much. "It's all freshman kids in there, and it's almost all girls," he said. "I just want to get back and talk to them and see how they're doing."

Turner goes back to school on Wednesday. As for the two young men who beat him, after listening to their counselors, the judge decided to keep them in the youth detention center until after the final hearing, which is scheduled for Monday, November 24. A decision on the future of the two young men is expected to come at that time.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,