Editorial - 7/25/11

Once again big bad government is overstepping their grounds and interfering in another market where they shouldn't.  Or it's called progress and it's inevitable!  Regardless of whether WTOC survives this over reaching move by the FCC you can't get away from the inevitable paradigm shift we are currently experiencing in the dissemination of information to the public.  We used to be glued to our TV's, now we're glued to our smart phones, facebook and everything that gobbles up that bandwith.  Fewer and fewer people will be tuning in to your editorials sir as they swap their TV set for their iphone.  They'll stay connected to their local politics via twitter feeds and facebook updates.  The older generations will fight hard to stop the progress but as always progress will triumph!  We will have our bandwith sir for our devices because we are the future and we are taking over!