Editorial feedback - 7/25/11

In regard to your editorial "A Destructive Plague"- You insinuate that the video "See something say something" released by homeland security is "lacking rational thought truth or common sense" because it is lacking an Arab male as an example.  Perhaps the people in homeland security are more educated about the threats to the public and they want to make sure that we are on alert to ANYone or anything suspicious regardless of race.  They probably also know that the most populous Muslim country is in Asia and the people aren't Arabs, and that there are nearly as many black Muslims throughout Africa as there are Arab Muslims.  If we as Americans are only looking out for Arab men, we'd be ignoring over eighty percent of the Islamic world.  The department of homeland security also knows that Ted Kaczynski was a college educated white male, as was the alleged Anthrax killer Dr. Bruce Ivins.  Timothy McVeigh was a veteran soldier, a conservative who hated big government and believed strongly in the right to bear arms.  The terrorism in Norway was perpetrated by Anders Breivik, a conservative Christian anti Muslim white male.  Is this a left wing conspiracy also or perhaps terrorism comes in many forms?  The people at homeland security proudly serve America and they are doing their best to keep us safe. The video omits an Arab suspect because they are certain that the Arab male is already our Media Archetype for a "Terrorist".

Sean Farrell
Savannah, Ga.