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InSITE--Honoring Our Veterans...On Line

It's a big day for a lot of people, and if you value our country and your freedom, Veteran's Day is a chance to thank those folks, with the parades on the streets and ceremonies in the parks and cemeteries, I found some pretty important information, and plenty of reminders why this isn't just another holiday.

Let's start right off with the meaning. No better place to find it than the VFW, Veterans of Foreign Wars . They'll explain how it all started, as Armistice Day, to mark the end of the war to end all wars, World War I. The day they buried the first person in the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery. Nothing fancy here. Just solid information.

I wanted to add a little more info about the Tomb of the Unknowns. Go to Patriotism, and the main page tells about the same story on Veteran's Day, but the sidebar is an interesting, personal touch about selecting the first of the unknown.

I don't do this often, but I wanted to take you to a truly personal page, something the 'web is so good at. Visit this site to hear a son's tribute to his father, a veteran of World War II. It's also a good example of something we should do more of, collect stories and personal experiences of our parents and grandparents, and publish them on the web, they can make interesting reading.

The Veteran's Administration has a pretty big site on the day, and some excellent resources. I like this one that offers info for youngsters, slightly older kids, and all the way through high school, plus a place for parents and teachers to get the information they need to help kids learn.

One more thing I thought was weird. Jennifer Love Hewett is the national spokesperson for Veteran's Day. Nothing against her, but she's not the first person that comes to mind for the job. But take a look at the video, she makes some great points, targeted for young people, who might not otherwise get the message.

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