Men Flee Police onto School Grounds

People are still talking about the very close call at Savannah's Saint James School Tuesday. Teachers and students had some frightening moments when three men in a stolen van were trying to get away from Savannah-Chatham police. They hit a tree outside the school, jumped out and ran onto school property.

Police caught one within moments near the school. A second suspect made it into the breezeway near the upper school, but thanks to the help of the maintenance supervisor, Richard Morgan, he never made it into the school.

In fact, thanks to the school's new security system that parents bought this school year, no one made it into the school. "The security system went into effect this year, and very thankfully the school and the students were safe," said Barbara King of the Diocese of Savannah.

Within a short time, police caught the third suspect. Now all three are in custody, awaiting arraignment.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,