Firefighters Urge Caution as Heating Season Begins

Get ready to whip out the winter coats and crank up the heat. The cold weather's almost here. You might want to bring some favorite plants indoors, and after a year of not using it, it's a good idea to give your heater a test run. Tommy Brunson Brunson Heating & Air told us, "They're going to get a dust smell off the strip heat or coil, gas heat's going to get dust on burners and you'll smell some of that. If you smell a little bit of odor the first time, that's not unusual, nothing to get excited about."

Brunson says the best thing for people to do is get their heaters checked out by a professional before turning it on. "What you have to be concerned with is if you haven't had heater serviced, the gas mixture could be out of sequence, could have a problem reversing the valve."

Firefighters say tonight's cold weather may also bring in their busy season. That's why they want people to be thinking smart when finding ways to stay warm. "When the weather gets cold, people start getting space heaters out," said Capt. Earl Spikes of Savannah FD. "Main thing you want to remember about space heaters, keep about two feet between where space heater is at and anything around it, clothes, curtains, your bedding."

Here are some tips for you to remember tonight when heating up your home:

*Remove items that are too close to space heaters.

*Don't use extension cords for space heaters.

*Replace filters in heating and air systems.

*Check batteries in smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia,