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Career Awareness Breakfast at Hilton Head High

Some of the area's most successful black businessmen gave an inspiring show of support for high schoolers this morning on Hilton Head. The Career Awareness Breakfast program lets students know they have the support they need to succeed. The message: set your sights, and set them high.

They want kids to know people care about who they are and where they're headed. "If you are young, black and from the South, you're not a double negative, you're almost a triple negative," said Sen. Clementa Pinkney (D-Ridgeland). "But I want you to look at it as not necessarily a triple negative, but as a multiple opportunity."

Organizers of today's event say it's what the kids take home from it that's the most important thing. "I'm young, but I have little brothers and stuff, and I'm going to go home and take what I learned here and try to help them through things," said sophomore Deandre Morrow.

"That makes me feel great, because that's an extension of what we're trying to do," said organizer Tim Singleton. "One hand washing the other, and we want to lend a helping hand to all."

Kids say getting that encouragement could be all they need. "So they can see that we're not just athletes, that we also can take a part in the community on the state level and national level," said senior Rasheen Hunter.

This is the second year of the Career Awareness Breakfast, and by all accounts, it was a step forward from year one. The program was set up by a group called Strive to Excel, whose goal is to prepare all Hilton Head students to make good decisions in life.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,

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